Daniela Campuzano (DC Bike Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

Daniela Campuzano (DC Bike Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Multivan Merida) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Henrique Avancini (Cannondale Factory Racing) – Aquece Rio – Rio 2016, Brasil
Andrea Tiberi (FRM Factory Racing) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Florian Vogel (Focus XC Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

What is your opinion on the course presented for the next year Olympic Games? Specially comparing to the courses we know from the World Cup.

The course for the olympic race is very different from all the tracks we’ve had the opportunity to compete. The terrain is very different and the track has many artificial technical sections. Personally I’d really liked the ascent and first stones of the the descent because they’re natural. The obstacles are well planned and I think it will be a spectacular track for spectators!

If you look back on the 2015 season which was your personal best success and which race you will remember?

The competition I’ll remember forever is the Pan American Championships that took place in Cota Colombia in March, because that was where I got the place for the Olympics. That was the most emotional moment of my career. You know that as an athlete you have difficult moments and moments of joy, but I have the privilege to say that I am a very lucky person. Thru all my carreer I’ve had a lot of support from my family, my husband, my friends, my country and my sponsors and that was one of the moments when I felt more supported, and that was one of the reasons that everything got so well.

My personal best score was in the World Championship in Andorra where I finished in 12 position. This was one of the races that I’ve enjoyed the most, the track was very muddy and there were parts on the track where we had to get off the bike and run. And moments where the bike went wherever it wanted. I cannot lie, I suffered some parts of the race, but when you hear the cheers of so many people, specially in your language, it’s impossible not to be motivated and want to go a little bit faster.

Now most of the riders are going for well-deserved holidays. When you are going to be back on the bike?

Certainly I will have some days off the bike, but I will start my preseason in November.

Do you know already where and when you will start the 2016 season?

For three years I have always dreamed of going to Cyprus Sunshine Cup. I hope that next year this cup will mark my start to the season.