Florian Vogel (Focus XC Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil


Florian Vogel (Focus XC Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

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What is your opinion on the course presented for the next year Olympic Games? Specially comparing to the courses we know from the World Cup.

Too me the Rio course is one of the fastest courses we’ve ever had in a important race like Worlds or Olympics in the past few years! It has some technical section in it, but nothing to serious. Nevertheless still gives quite fun to ride. So I guess the next years Olympics will unfold quite tactical and you need to act quite clever to win it!

If you look back on the 2015 season which was your personal best success and which race you will remember?

2015 was a Stellar season for me! The Worldcup in Val di Sole was outstanding as well and one of my best races during the last couple of years!

Now most of the riders are going for well-deserved holidays. When you are going to be back on the bike?

I havn’t trained serious since the Worlds, but still rode my bike a bit. Now I’m doing no riding for two weeks and I’ll start the preparation for 2016 in the beginning of November!

Do you know already where and when you will start the 2016 season?

I’ll start the season again in Cyprus next year with the SHC-Stage race there.

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