Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil


Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

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What is your opinion on the course presented for the next year Olympic Games? Specially comparing to the courses we know from the World Cup.

I think the organizers did a great job with the course. It is challenging technically, physically and tactically but also fun and great for filming and spectating live. Unlike World Cups, this course is much more constructed, like London, as the area does not have much tree cover or existing trails. They incorporated some great natural rock features and climbs that make the course interesting. I would say the average grade of the climbs is less steep than normal for a World Cup as they really want to see group racing.

If you look back on the 2015 season which was your personal best success and which race you will remember?

Mont Sainte Anne, where I finished 2nd was the World Cup in which I felt my best this season. Competing in Singletrack3 in my home province was one of the best memorable race experiences of the year. Multi day events really connect you with your community of racers.

Now most of the riders are going for well-deserved holidays. When you are going to be back on the bike?

I will continue riding for now as I love the fall and just playing on my bike. When the weather is tough for riding, but not yet good for skiing in November I will take time to hike and do other activities. Living in a winter climate I have a good mix of nordic skiing, trainer and gym over the winter, which I will get back to mid November.

Do you know already where and when you will start the 2016 season?

I will start with a Canada Cup March 5th in Victoria BC where we have our National training centre, do two HC events in the USA and then head to the World Cup in Australia.

Photo: Randy Ferguson

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