Andrea Tiberi (FRM Factory Racing) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil


Andrea Tiberi (FRM Factory Racing) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

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What is your opinion on the course presented for the next year Olympic Games? Specially comparing to the courses we know from the World Cup.

The RIO olympic course is quite similar to London 2012 olympic track. Artificial at 99% with a very smooth path and very fast. Average speed in the test event was around 21-22 that is much more than all the World Cup events we raced this year. This difference is due to the kind of terrain. All World Cups tracks were at the most on natural field or trails. And this are slower then the very compact material they used for this tracks. This is the biggest difference.

Anyway the olympic track is not easy. They putted tons of rocks, woods and jumps as artificial obstacles. On this track you need a lot of power and fast drive skills… I think the olympic race is gonna be spectacular!

If you look back on the 2015 season which was your personal best success and which race you will remember?

I will mention three events. Nove Mesto WC, where I was 7th and that was my best career result in a world class race and that is my favourite track. The Italian Championships, where I took the first NC title as Elite after many years on the podium trying to get the jersey. That was so important to me.

But maybe the one I would like to remember the most is this last race, in Rio. The feeling of the moment on that podium, on that hill, was amazing and this can make me wonder about something big next year.

Now most of the riders are going for well-deserved holidays. When you are going to be back on the bike?

Yes, holidays are coming for me too and I already planned a trip to USA. After that, on mid-November I will start my 2016 season training and…you know what? Even if I still have to finish this one, I can’t wait to start again. I’m sure next season is gonna be exciting.

Do you know already where and when you will start the 2016 season?

Not yet sure, but I think I will start the season in Spain in the beginning of march with two International XXO races, then we will have the Italian XCO series and finally the first World Cup in the end of April. This is the early season program.

Thanks for this talk and cheers to all Polish bikers! #Tibi

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