Nino Schurter (Scott Odlo) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

Nino Schurter (Scott Odlo) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Multivan Merida) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Florian Vogel (Focus XC Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Linda Indergand (Focus XC Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Daniela Campuzano (DC Bike Team) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil
Andrea Tiberi (FRM Factory Racing) – Aquece Rio – Rio, Brasil

What is your opinion on the course presented for the next year Olympic Games? Specially comparing to the courses we know from the World Cup.

The course in Rio is cool. Quite similar to the course in London but better. A bit more technical and more climbing. But a bit to fast, at the test event we had an average speed of 21.4km/h. In my opinion they have to do the uphills a bit steeper and less flowy to make it slower and harder.

If you look back on the 2015 season which was your personal best success and which race you will remember?

2015 was amazing season for me, maybe my most successful ever! I won the World Cup overall, the World Championships and the European Games in Baku, that’s all big highlight for me. The whole season is staying in good memory for me.

Now most of the riders are going for well-deserved holidays. When you are going to be back on the bike?

Our daughter Lisa just born October 03. and my wife Nina and I are enjoying every minute with her. I’m starting mid November again with training.

Do you know already where and when you will start the 2016 season?

Probably I going to start my race season end of Marche in Italy (Maser or Milan).

Photo: Rio 2016 / Paulo Mumia